ProtonGB is a Proton block producer candidate

ProtonGB is a block producer candidate committed to supporting the Proton ecosystem, the world’s first true payment blockchain with programmable money that works.

What is Proton?

What is Proton Chain?

Universal Names

Proton has unique human readable @name. No more long wallet addresses.

4,000 Transactions per second

The Proton blockchain can handle 4,000 transactions per second and over 40 million transactions per day!

No Gas Fees

There are no gas fees on Proton. You pay nothing. All resources are handled by the app at extremely low-tiered costs.

Built for Stablecoins

Proton supports multiple wrapped stablecoins including USDC, PAX and TUSD. Developersare also able to add their own coins to Proton.


Holders of XPR are able to stake their tokens, with rewards being paid out every day.

In-wallet Payment Requests

Apps interact with the Blockchain by in-wallet Payment requests. There is no need for chrome plugins, “dapp-stores,” or other devices.

About ProtonGB

ProtonGB is a block producer candidate on the Proton blockchain. Based in the United Kingdom, we aim to be a reliable and transparent supporter of the network while also helping to grow the Proton ecosystem.

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